inspiring gift from a friend

inspiring gift from a friendLast week I received a package from a friend, she promised this package to me about four months ago, but she got very busy that she forgot to send it. Last we had a talk in skype and I told her that she might have forgotten the package and she was surprised because she really did forget it. So immediately after that conversation she sends the package to me. She is actually assigned in Switzerland to work in as a research scientist in a dairy company.

As I received the package I notice the good shipping labels, I must say that 1st world country really have quality products. Anyway I opened the box I was amazed with the products I received. I checked on the labels and they are not yet expired. We definitely have these products in our market, but thinking this was given to me by a friend it is so inspiring. My friend knew I love cheeses so she really gave me what I love. So there I contacted her immediately after I received the package and I thank her for being such a good friend.