No More Stinky Helmets

Whatever country it may be, riding a bike requires you to use a helmet. I know it’s for safety purposes, but I’m not really a fan of it. I always have a bad experience wearing a helmet, often than not it stinks. So, if there’s a way not to wear it, I won’t wear it. But, it would be a problem so I’ll just have to deal with the smell and people would have to deal with my mood after.

Helmets, if left wet it will stink because of the growth of bacteria. So, it should be dried after being used. I guess no one head will stay dry if covered for a period of time, helmet owners should be aware of that. Great thing there’s now a helmet dryer that will effectively dry and refresh your helmets between rides or games. View the variety of helmet dryers including Portable Helmet Dryers, Home Helmet Dryers, and Commercial Helmet Dryers from cozywinters.

Helmet dryers are really beneficial as it dries, disinfect efficiently and deodorize. It eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria. Also, it will extend the life of the helmets. It is very good for the hygiene. In, short it is a very good investment.

Quick View of r24

Oh I miss this blog, I almost forget I have this. Life’s been busy now that I have a little one to attend to. She’s taken most of my time for the past four months now. But, it’s all worthy. She’s bringing happiness that I can’t fathom.

Anyway, I’m here to share thoughts regarding the Zoom r24. I’m not really too familiar with this so I asked Mr Google for help. It’s actually a music production tool. It’s a complete, compact and powerful portable music creation system with four key functions namely: a 24-track recorder, an audio interference with eight ins and two outs, a DAW control surface with Mackie Control and a drum machine. It has everything that is needed for professional music production. So, that’s just a glimpse of what I learned about r24. It’s actually quite long and it will take time to finish so I just summarize it to shorten my post.

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