What is Cellular Alarm System Monitoring?

What is Cellular Alarm System MonitoringJust as you use your cell phone to make phone calls, send texts, and check in on Facebook, you can now use your cell phone for many home-related tasks – including alarm system monitoring. The ability to use a cell phone to “check in” on a property and even perform various tasks (such as turn on lights or adjust the thermostat) is nothing new, but cellular alarm monitoring is relatively new. The same technology that connects you to family and friends also allows you to monitor what’s happening with your home alarm system. Via signals sent from the same communications towers that transmit cell phone calls and texts, you can arm your system, turn it off if you need to let a friend in, or check on triggered sensors to see if the neighbor’s dog set it off, or if in fact you are unfortunately being burglarized.

Benefits of utilizing cellular home alarm system monitoring include:

Burglars can’t disconnect the alarm system from your cell phone, or from the monitoring center.
You don’t have to install a land-line just for your alarm system.
If the land-line is somehow disrupted, your monitoring is still intact and you can still call out for help.
You can monitor your alarm system from wherever you happen to be at. [Continue reading]

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during my lazy days

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be an effective garage sale buyer

Did you ever get the bargain of your life at a garage sale? Or have you been like me and have gone to a garage sale to pick up a few good books to read and end up buying a 250 dollar telescope that when you got it home didn't work? Next time come … [Continue reading]

It’s a nice morning!

It's a nice morning, but I felt kind of lonely that I'm alone when I wake up. I'm just so happy when I slept last night that I want to continue today. But, seeing an empty house is not such a great thing. I'm hoping to have a karaoke this night, but … [Continue reading]

birthday gift plan for our boss

I have to admit, my manager seems to have a liking on me. Well, it's not romantically liking, it's like a manager to employee liking. There's a long story behind that, but I will just sum it up and that is he trusts me. After the issue of him being a … [Continue reading]