Excited to See The Little Girl’s Performance

I’m looking forward to seeing and listening to the violin player at the church. I’m not that really a great fan, but seeing a little girl play the instrument is really interesting. It gives me the idea of sending my daughter to a violin course, but she’s still a baby so it can wait. Well, I’m just amazed that she memorizes the keys without having to check the orchestra sheet music in front of her. But, I’m not sure if she’s hitting the right note. All I know is that she is really having good time and enjoying every moment, which is the best part of her performance. Well, I’m going to see her tomorrow I hope she’s performing because she’s not doing it all the time.

Wrinkle Causing Foods

Salty foods

Salt definitely adds flavor to our traditional food, but it is important to remember that salt also dries the human skin. Some types of salt contain iodine, which, according to dermatologists, causes acne. Here are some other results of the excessive use of salt: redness, swelling and increased sensitivity of the skin.

Foods rich in carbohydrates

Sugar and other carbohydrates in our bodies are very quickly converted to glucose. If we eat too many foods rich in carbohydrates, glucose levels in the blood go up. This, therefore, increases the production of insulin. High levels of insulin provoke rapid cell death of skin and accelerate the aging process.


When sugar gets inside out bodies, it attaches itself to other amino groups of the tissue proteins such as collagen and slowly turns them into advanced glycation end prodcuts (AGE). This is a major cause of damage to the body and risk of type 2 diabetes. As a result, healthy collagen fibers lose their elasticity and become rigid, more fragile and easily destroyed. This is where the sagging skin and wrinkles come from.

Oil and grease

When heated, oil is converted into trans-fats, which are extremely dangerous for the skin. They produce free radicals that damage DNA cells, can cause skin cancer, and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity of the skin. In other words, they accelerate the aging process. Reducing trans-fats in our diet has been called as the number of solution to premature aging.

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