finding opportunities while being alone

I have been having a great time here in our home country. But, I am not pushing myself to be with the rest of the family because of the hot weather. I am mostly staying in the room to cool down. I just can’t stand hot temperature before, much worse now that I am pregnant. It has been my problem ever since, I can even remember that if it gets too hot my nose will bleed sometimes I collapse. So, to avoid that kind situation I’d rather stay in the room and be with my laptop. Then, just go out often to check them out and stay the most 30 minutes then go back and forth.

Well, it is still a good thing since the boredom staying the four corners of the room while the rest of the people are enjoying themselves singing and dancing, gives me the opportunity to look for pan organizer. It may not be the perfect timing, but at least I was able to do that. Our cookwares at home looks a mess, but we left it like that because of this vacation. Having the idea where to buy gives me the peace of mind that there is hope our cookwares will be arranged. For now, I will enjoy myself to the fullest.

my brothers’ request

Just like that we already finished a week of our vacation here in our home country. Good thing we had a great deal of fun so it’s a week not wasted. For now, we are at my in-laws place. It’s quite a travel, to be clear it’s an 11-hour ride with four transfers. Thank God, we safely arrived. We are going to stay for at least four to five days only, and then we will spend the rest of our vacation in my parents’ house that reminds me of my brothers’ request.

My youngest brother has a number of request from this to that. After granting the requests he will have another in line. He wanted me to order now a keyboard. I would love to give in to this request. I also wanted him to hone his music skills, but I’m running out of cash. Even if I am getting huge amount of discount our cash will not suffice for the duration of our stay. So, it will have to wait until we get back to our work and will receive our salary. At least now I know what to give him in the next months to come.

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shocked learning she has boyfriend

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let’s see if he listens!

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