not part of our plan

Two days before our flight, we went to the mall to finalize our shopping for presents. While roaming around, hubby finds this magic sing. It’s actually a microphone with karaoke feature. For three years, we haven’t been able to sing our hearts out because we don’t have a karaoke. So, he is really motivated to buy it, but it’s not part of our plan and it’s a bit costly. It’s the end of our vacation and our budget is already depleted.

Actually, we can just buy a microphone like the mxl 960 and download karaoke lyrics online. Then, we can enjoy it without having to spend fortunes. The MXL 960 Mic is a professional-quality, large-diaphragm 1″ capsule, tube condenser microphone has an extremely wide dynamic range and a crisp, airy sonic character. In the end, it’s not the brand or kind of device you own, it’s how we spend our time together enjoying.

guide to beautiful skin

guide to beautiful skinI’ve been very lazy for the past few months in terms of skin care regimen. Well, I’m thinking that I can ditch all of those because I am pregnant and it will not be good. However, when I looked in the mirror I can see dry skin and uneven skin tone. I guess I just have to follow five essential skincare tips to get the dewy, flawless skin that radiates glow from the inside out.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen
The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to your skin is forgetting to use sunscreen. Exposure to UV rays is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. Putting the sun screen is the one thing you can do to slow down the aging process.

Cleanse AND Moisturize
To get your skincare routine down to one step, try a cleansing cream or cleansing milk. These cleansers, which pack tons of moisture while cleansing the skin, replace the need for a separate moisturizer. They also are great at removing makeup.

Find Key Ingredients
If the thought of a serum sends you over the edge, try to find serum-like ingredients in your basic skincare steps. Experts recommend looking for a moisturizer packed with antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental toxins, vitamin C, to brighten the skin, and hyaluronic acid to hold in moisture and keep skin plump. [Continue reading]

finding opportunities while being alone

I have been having a great time here in our home country. But, I am not pushing myself to be with the rest of the family because of the hot weather. I am mostly staying in the room to cool down. I just can't stand hot temperature before, much worse … [Continue reading]

my brothers’ request

Just like that we already finished a week of our vacation here in our home country. Good thing we had a great deal of fun so it's a week not wasted. For now, we are at my in-laws place. It's quite a travel, to be clear it's an 11-hour ride with four … [Continue reading]

coffee can’t suppress appetite

For years I have been a great fan of coffee. It’s like my day would not be complete without it. I have to change my lifestyle when I get pregnant although I’m not sure if it’s true, there’s no harm in following it. So, it’s worth sharing something … [Continue reading]

shocked learning she has boyfriend

My sister has been secretive over her personal life to us that’s why we are shocked learning she has a boyfriend. Yes, we are surprised that they are going to celebrate their 2nd year together soon. It’s not that we are going to get in their way just … [Continue reading]